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Hi there Seeker, WOOFLER is a fast-growing Pet supply brand, we design and produce exclusive outwear and accesories for special breeds. Unique design and highest quality materials are our priority.

We started Woofler in 2019 as a project for our dogs. Having a whippet and a French bulldog to care of in cold Russia is not the easiest thing. Chilly winters, rainy springs, hot summers and windy autumns demand to have a whole wardrobe for a dog. Being tired of orders to be returned as the sizes didn’t match, we created Woofler. The brand for dogs who don’t fit in.
We’ve made a long journey and today we are the only brand in pet fashion that makes 3D models before making the clothes themselves.

Be free to ask questions - and yes we do have worldwide delivery. Happy to chat.


Audēju iela 15, Centra rajons,

Rīga, LV-1050


For any contacts: WORK@WOOFLER.STORE

Mon - Fri, 10am - 7pm

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Designer trench coat for hounds TOFFE URBAN Beige

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Designer trench coat for hounds TOFFE URBAN Beige

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