How to Make Your Dog an Instagram Influencer and earn money

How to Make Your Dog an Instagram Influencer and earn money
As a fashion dog brand WOOFLER is lucky to work with pet influencers. We love to share, so find some tips how to make your pet famous and your pocket full of money.

Everyone thinks their dog is the cutest in the world, so why not share that? The world needs to see more of your pet and you need to earn more, and Instagram is a great place to do both. Dog Instagram influencers come in all breeds and sizes, and many people enjoy following the adventures of their favorite pups online. This makes it quite natural for pet owners to think their dog has what it takes to be an Instagram influencer, but how do you do it? 

Well, it isn’t the easiest task. As cute as your pet might be, there are a lot of dogs in the world. To make your pet stand out you're going to need more than a cute face. It takes some work and time to develop a following on the platform. However, there are a few strategies you can use to make the job easier.

Creating an influential Instagram page for your dog isn't down to luck. Well, there is an element of luck! However, this is nothing that some clever thinking and the right strategy can't help you out with. These are some of the most important things to do to make your dog into an Instagram influencer.

Developing your Dog’s Brand 

The first step to building your dog’s online profile is to actually think about what it should be. You don’t need a gimmick, but you do need a consistent voice and image. There are a lot of dogs on Instagram, so to stand out you need to put some thought into it.

Уou need to think about what it is your dog offers to people

Building a dog's brand might seem like hollow buzz words, but it is important when you're trying to build a following. This means you need to develop a consistent look and tone for your photos. It should come from the pictures themselves, the editing techniques that you use, and even your interaction on the site outside of photos! If you want to build your dog’s Instagram following, you need to think about what it is your dog offers to people on the platform, and try to curate a page to follow that. These are the basics:

What Type of Photos Are You Going for? – Are you going for perfectly posed and captured images of a well-behaved pup, or are you going for funny but cute pictures? Deciding can make a big difference.

Style of Photo – Your editing doesn't have to be the exact same every time, but many of the bigger dog Instagram influencers use a consistent tone. Think about the colors, the posing, the tone of the picture, these are all important. 

Captions – Your captions aren’t always going to be read, but you need to make them engaging when they are! A drop of wit can go a long way here, or in the absence of a dry sense of humor, a forceful pun is always a good option! Some accounts choose to write from the point of view of the dog themselves, but this is up to you.

Style – Figure out what works best for your dog and stick with it. Are they an all-natural poser, with snaps taken on a muddy walk? Or can you find them dressed in the latest fashions?

Early on in your dog’s Instagram influencer journey, you might change things up a lot. This is fine. You need to experiment to figure out what is right. 

Keep it Interesting!

As cute as your dog might be, the same old photos are going to get tiring! That’s why you need to keep things interesting and mix it up. This is a little harder to do when you're keeping to a set theme. You have to be creative here; think about the backgrounds of the photos, the poses, the props, and even outfits.   

If you’ve taken a lot of pictures of your dog on their usual walking route, get them to new places. This can be fun for you and your dog. Take a trip around your local area, try and find new places and poses to get some great pictures of your furry friend.

Clothes can be a great way to spruce your dog up for a photo. A cute and stylish coat can keep your dog comfy and give you quite a lot of opportunities for photos. A few outfits like this can really expand the possibilities for taking photos without them becoming repetitive! You can then start thinking about what backdrops and places complement these colors. The same goes for toys if you're aiming for playful pictures. 

Keeping the Talent Happy

Your dog is going to be the star of the show, so they need to be enjoying this journey as much as you are. Dogs can be hard to photograph, especially when you’re looking for that perfectly composed Instagram shot. These are some tips for keeping your dog happy with the constant camera snapping!

 Bribes – are a great motivator for taking a good picture of a dog. You don’t have to slip your dog an envelope of unmarked bills, a simple treat will suffice! Most dogs can sit still for a minute to get a reward; this is a basic part of obedience training. Make sure to reward and praise your dog whenever you’re taking pictures so it doesn’t become a chore.

Exercise – should go without saying for most dog owners. However, if you're looking to get good pictures you should keep in mind that a well-exercised dog is a happy dog. A happier dog is going to be easy to photograph.   

Little steps don’t take much work, but they can help you and your dog have more fun taking photos. 

Have Some Patience!

It is a pretty important step. Doing things right does take some time, and a lot of people lose interest. However, if you stick with this and make sure to keep your engagement on the app up, you will be able to build a bigger following and hang on to it.  There may be days or weeks when you don’t see much progress.  However, patience really is the best thing in these situations. 

This guide pretty much covers the basics of getting and growing a following that loves your pet as much as you do. Taking the leap upwards to become one of the bigger and more liked dogs of Instagram comes down to one thing; time. You need to have the patience to let things grow.

If you're engaging as much as you can and using the right pictures, then growth will happen, but it might take a while. Keeping things interesting with toys, clothes, and different backdrops can you and your dog have fun along the way. This journey should be an adventure for both of you, so there’s no need to rush!

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